This is how we fulfill our calling:

We encourage you to "Live out your faith in word and deed; GO and invite others to come!" While the quarantine makes it difficult to serve as a united body, it does not make it impossible. Here are a few options we are encouraging you to think about right now, as well as other options that are a part of our regular process of living out the mission God has given us.

Go and Serve

  • Calvary Beach Clean Up
  • Showers of Blessing
  • TACO

Go and Live Your Faith

Congratulations to the 2021 Mission Endowment Fund (MEF) Grant Recipients.  Award categories include Community Outreach, ELCA Ministry Opportunities Nationally and Worldwide, New Congregation Ministry within Calvary, and Capital Improvements. This year’s recipients, along with links for more information about them, are:

The MEF Committee is pleased to announce that this year the total amount of the grant distributions were for the highest amount of money ever distributed.   The cumulative amount of Grants distributed in the 15 years of the life of MEF is over $250,000 in Grants to organizations.  For more information about the MEF, including ways to donate and the grant program, please contact the church office at 858-755-2855 or visit Calvary’s website under the GIVE tab.