Calvary Lutheran Church - Application to Serve on Call Committee

Thank you for your interest in serving on the Call Committee of Calvary Lutheran Church. The Call Committee is elected by the Congregation Council for the purpose of searching for the next rostered minister to be called by the congregation. The Call Committee is charged with interviewing candidates to lead the congregation into the future. Candidates are first vetted by the Office of the Bishop, and then the names are given to the congregation until a suitable candidate is called.

The Call Committee undertakes a spiritual journey on behalf of the congregation, the work is always very rewarding and special. Serving on the Call Committee can also be demanding and requires a mutual team commitment. The term of office will terminate upon installation of the newly called pastor.

Characteristics desired in a call committee member:

  1. Worship participation
  2. A person of prayer
  3. Can represent the whole congregation
  4. Able to express their own thoughts and feelings
  5. Able to listen
  6. A person of conviction with the ability to reach consensus
  7. Available to attend meetings
  8. Additional best practices: Not on the church staff; not related (no matter how extended) to another call committee

Applications are due on March 13, 2022.

If you prefer to apply online, click here to fill out the google form.

Alternatively, if you prefer to fill out a PDF, click here to download the PDF. Please fill it out, save it to your computer, and email it as an attachment to (Do NOT use the "submit" button within the PDF. You MUST save and email the form.)